Eleonora Galasso

Chef in Paris, London & Rome

Eleonora’s cooking is inspired by her Italian background. During her childhood in Italy, Eleonora remembers that she wasn’t allowed to go into her grandmother’s kitchen. She used to hide behind the door and watch the women cooking through the key hole. Cooking became her pastime and later on, her career. She attended the Ateneo Italiano della Cucina in Rome and received her Master of Science in Gastronomic culture. She continued her passion for cooking and decided to share it with her friends.

Eleonora has traveled around the world (London, Paris, New York, Sao Paulo, Istanbul…) which allowed her to broaden her culinary skills.

Today, Eleonora has opened different secret destinations within historical centers in Rome, Paris and London, where she organizes cooking classes and collaborates with exceptional culinary events. Eleonora is also the ambassador for different culinary brands and she runs a clandestin restaurant. Her rule ? Food Happiness.