Julien Gasperi

©Arthur Fechoz

Chef in Paris

Julien Gasperi has always been passionate about the culinary world since he was a child. After receiving a professional High School diploma in Cooking and Culinary Art, he decided to continue his path in the culinary world by attending the Grégoire Ferrandi French Gastronomic School and graduated in 2007.

After several internships in different French restaurants, he moves to London in 2007, where he started as a Line Cook at Morton’s Club in Mayfair. In 2009, he becomes Under Chef at La Trouvaille, a fancy neighborhood restaurant in Soho. In 2010, Julien Gasperi comes back to France to take the position as under chef at the Grand Hôtel Le Turenne de Beaulieu-sur-Dordogne. He quickly moves back to the capital, where he became Executive Under Chef for the owning of the W Paris Opéra. In 2014, a new restaurant concept at the W Paris Opéra allows Julien to use his creativity to create an original and unique menu. Since than, he now works at La Maison Bleue restaurant and continues as an active culinary consultant.