Marion Flipo

©Arthur Fechoz

Chef in Paris

After receiving her diploma in 2011 from EDHEC, Marion decided to make her passion her career. In 2010, she starts her recipe blog for amateur cooks, proposing creative, seasonal and gourmet tastes and savors.
With a large press presence thanks to the different restaurants that she discovers throughout Paris, she becomes a culinary critic for her blog, which becomes a real culinary reference in Paris. On the professional scale, she starts in the food marketing world for an organic brand and later starts managing a restaurant and culinary events in Paris. In January 2013, she starts working for a renewed French culinary company, where she is the international chef’s assistant, creating savory menus, training the chefs with her new recipes and managing the international kitchens.
Thanks to her unique character and motivation, she joins Escoffier International in December 2011. Outside of her main activity, she continues her food blog, giving cooking classes and publishes a book in 2013 : l’Audace ma cuisine. In 2015, she leaves Ladurée, where she was Executive Under Chef, to focus on culinary consulting.