Market Case Study

Before creating a concept, our team works on a market case study to correctly position and determine the future F&B concept. We are also available to effectuate audit performances in your F&B establishments.

Operational deployment

Once the concept is confirmed, our project managers work on the next step, the operational deployment. We work hand in hand with your team, kitchen designers, architects, F&B directors and chefs to implant and put in place your F&B concept.

Tableware, Menu & Staff Uniform Sourcing

Not only is our team trained to source the tableware and staff uniforms coherent with your F&B concept, they are also trained to source products that respond to your operational restrictions.

Look & Feel

To make sure that your future F&B concept lives up to it’s best potential, our team works hand in hand with the architects and designers to make sure that your concept will satisfy the target clientele and be fluid throughout the different restaurant and bar services.

Staff planning & training

Our team works on different staff plannings for each element and different service for your future F&B concept, always keeping in mind the main objective : excellence and optimization. We also train the staff teams before the concept is put in place.


Pitaya Recrutement is a sector completely dedicated to recruiting team members for both the restaurant and hotel sector, at any level, with no deposit (we work on success fees).

Concept Proposal

Once the Market Case Study is completed, our team works together to create and propose an F&B concept that is adapted to your operational restrictions, your budget and your target clientele.

Small and Big Machinery Sourcing

Our project managers work on punctual and detailed sourcing for all the material necessary to give life to your new F&B concept.

Food & Beverage Sourcing

We work on precise and detailed sourcing for all food and beverage products (excluding raw ingredients) related to the new F&B concept, and to furthermore help you finalize your Business Plan.

Concept Profitability

We work hand in hand with all of our clients to optimize the concept profitability, including Business Plan advising and technical details like ratios, employing costs, etc

Visual Identity & Naming

Our Artistic Director will create the visual identity for your restaurant and/or bar as well as create the different elements needed to market and communicate your brand and company on site. We will create a brand universe that is related to your new F&B concept and global strategy.

Find the right F&B Partner

We leverage our great network of Chefs, Brands and Restaurant operators across the world to help you find the right partner for your F&B outlets. From the identification to the negociation phase till the implementation of the concept, our team will manage this project to make it happen in the best conditions.

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