Leslie founded Pitaya l’Agence after being introduced to culinary art by the starred chef yannick alleno (2010). Followed by her integration into the anglo-saxon group aubaine restaurants, where she was the director of marketing & development in london.
The rigor, creativity and knowledge of the french and international culinary trends is what makes Pitaya a unique agency in this sector.

In 2018, Leslie and Cesar created Pitaya Hospitality.


Cesar graduated from a Hospitality MBA and has a deep professional experience in the hospitality sector. He managed different categories of hotels and choose to manage hotels creation project for 10 years.
In 2018, Cesar created ARO, a one of kind consulting company dedicated to hotels owners in need of a project manager to conduct a hotel creation project from A to Z.
In 2018, cesar and leslie joined their competences and created Pitaya Hospitality.